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What makes Hemp Eco Friendly?

hemp is eco friendly

Hemp is now in the spotlight in many aspects, since it is now federally legal for industrial use in the United States. What makes hemp eco friendly? Let’s look at why hemp is gaining steam and popularity in America. Here are some good reasons to appreciate the eco friendly nature of hemp!

The Breakdown :

  • Extremely fast growing. It only takes a matter of months to produce 1 acre of hemp. Think about how long it takes an acre of trees to mature.
  • One acre of hemp produces up to 4 times more pulp than wood does. We save trees by using hemp.
  • It takes about half the water to produce 3 times more fiber than cotton. This is a water conserving plant!
  • Produces strong and durable fibers that hold color and shape. Hemp doesn’t break down or fade as quickly as other materials.
  • Pesticides do not have to be used in the production of hemp. There is no chemical run off entering our lakes and streams, or our skin!
  • Hemp is mildew , microbe and UV resistant. This makes it a wonderful clothing material!
  • Hemp is a bio degradable and recyclable material. It doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment.

The Verdict

Hemp is a clear winner! These are some of the reasons that hemp is such an eco friendly alternative to other commonly used materials. It is easy to understand why the hemp market is seeing exponential growth. With all of these benefits, hemp is a sound eco friendly choice!


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