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What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Interested in exploring CBD but not sure where to begin? Let’s start here. What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? Let’s have a brief look and get a better understanding of the two. Hemp and marijuana are both plants from the species Cannabis Sativa. You may have already noted that between the two there are striking differences in their applications for every day use. The reason for these differences is due to the chemical makeup of the plants.


While close in relation to cannabis, hemp contains a negligent amount of THC. Hemp is knows for it’s grass like fibers and quick growth. Hemp is used commonly for industrial applications. It is used in production of clothing, plastic alternatives and products like rope and paper. CBD is found naturally in hemp. This makes hemp the perfect candidate for CBD extraction and use. It is reported to have very high anti inflammatory properties. In the US, states are in control of legality, so be sure to understand that laws may vary from state to state regarding it’s use.

Hemp is a taller and skinnier plant with skinny leaves


Cannabis, in contrast, is high in THC, another cannabinoid found in both types of plant. Hemp contains THC but in much smaller amounts. It is because of this distinction, cannabis is also known for it’s psychoactive properties. THC is what makes you feel high. So, cannabis can be a more recreational type of plant while hemp is the industrial variety. It is also very important to note however, that cannabis is also thought to be of high medicinal value . The plant is used to treat Glaucoma, seizures, cancer and other illnesses. I cannot make medical claims about either of these plant species, but merely pass along common uses regarding the two.

In summary, in order to understand what the difference is between hemp and marijuana or cannabis, it is always good to know their similarities and applications. Hemp is naturally high in CBD concentration and has infinite industrial uses, while cannabis is high in THC and is also used for various medicinal purposes as well. They are both a Cannabis Sativa species and spotlight different cannabinoids which makes them both useful for different purposes.


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