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Reiki Technique at Eco-centric Wellness


Now that we have a better idea of the background, history and principles of reiki, we begin our exploration of Reiki technique at Eco-centric wellness, by learning more about energy. Energy, intent, meditation, grounding and protection make up everything you will need to know in order to treat a client using Usui reiki. Most importantly, you need to be comfortable with holding energy tangibly and from there incorporate this into your practice.

First, begin by rubbing your hands together until you feel warmth or something tangible. This is energy field you are working with. Now hold your hands out in front of yourself with your palms facing out. Focus on this energy with the intention of holding it. Practice letting the energy fall into your hands. To make this work you have to change your state of mind and be receptive to something that is different yet possible. Take your time.

Next, bring your hands inward toward yourself while focusing on keeping it held within both of your hands. You should feel a slight electrical sensation or some type of light weight between your hands. You will feel the difference when you move the energy ball from one hand to the other or bounce it up in the air and catch it.

Try bringing your hands in towards your chest or stomach and again hold the energy between both hands. You can try this with someone else near you as well. Try handing the energy to someone else. How does it feel? You should be feeling the energy moving around. Bring the energy back into your hands and feel it moving off of the person next to you. Practice visualizing the energy within your hands, it will begin to grow. You should have total control of it. Do this often.

As you practice more consistently, the energy will form into your hands much faster and you will be able to grasp it at your will. It’s ok if this is a challenge that takes some time to perfect. You need to master intention before you can master playing with an energy ball. When you are ready, please continue with Reiki Technique at Eco-centric Wellness.


Let’s learn about intent and then go back to energy and practice summoning it and moving it around again. Your thoughts set an intention for the energy work that you will be doing. Make sure that you send intention for the energy flow so that the energy you use has a direction in which to go. You can do this be repeating in your head that your intent is to grasp and hold energy. When you have a client, you will want to repeat the intention of treating a specific person for a specific reason using the energy you are channeling. Repeat this intention three times to yourself.

Your intentions send vibrations so you must be in control of the thoughts that you send. It will benefit you to send peaceful intentional thoughts through yourself in the beginning of a reiki session. Clear your mind and focus directly on this. The person receiving the energy should also be aware and open to receiving it. The receiver is also a big part of how much energy flows. They must be totally and fully receptive.

During this time you should be fully engaged in only this one thing. You must practice the art of mind control. Your doubts will get in the way of your ability to heal.
Hold your hands out to the person during this time so that the energy building within you has a direction to go. During this time, you should be tuned to the person receiving the energy, and repeating their name in your head. Spend about five minutes grounding yourself.

You may notice that during this time, the person may be starting to feel the energy around them. You may begin to experience the feelings that we talked about earlier, seeing colors, feeling emotion or feeling a sort of electrical vibration within you or emanating from the person you are working on. This is all entirely normal and part of the healing process. Thank the energy when you feel it and be sure to continue to guide it where it needs to go.

With a better understanding of intent, go back to energy and try holding it again. It takes practice. Hold your hands out so that they are available to receive the energy. Repeat your intentions three times. Thank the energy and also always remember to give thanks to Mr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi and madam Takata at the beginning and end of every energy session.

Practice both of these blocks until you are comfortable and able to reach out and hold energy at your first whim. Once you are comfortable with this, move to the next block of instruction and we will add the remaining required treatment aspects. On to the next Reiki Technique at Eco-centric Wellness.


Along with setting intent and giving thanks to the founders of reiki, every treatment session for reiki should begin with some time to ensure that grounding occurs. You will also want to end each session with grounding. So, grounding will happen at the beginning and end of every reiki session.

With grounding, you are essentially mentally connecting yourself to the earth. Hold your hands in a way that is comfortable for you and dive into this next state of mind. This may also take some practice but soon everything will all come together.

Begin by becoming one with the light and breathing it in and out. If you are not sure how to become one with light, maybe try to close your eyes and envision yourself from the outside in. There is a bright light that surrounds you. It is now moving through you. Thank the energy and continue to focus on your breathing. Breathe for the same length in and out. You are breathing in purity and breathing out contaminants.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing outside of your body. Look at yourself from the outside. Let everything go. Imagine you are the proud root of an enormous tree or plant living in a beautiful land. You are planting yourself deep into the earth. You are part of a flower, a tree. Nothing can move you or disturb you. The light of the earth is connecting you. It is running through you and down into your feet, which are rooting into the earth. You are becoming grounded.

There is a column of light running from a place where you can’t see the origin, and it comes all the way down through the atmosphere, into you and through your root before falling deep into the ground. You are now connected through grounding, to the earth and energy of all of it’s vibrations. Practice this until you are comfortable and remember to give thanks, set intention and ground yourself at the beginning and end of every energy healing session. Try playing with an energy ball again. It may become a faster process.


We will talk more about meditation and chakras coming up, but protection is also something you will want to do at the end of every energy healing session. Once you have completed all the beginning steps and moved through the process of meditation and chakra clearing, this will be what you do at the end of every treatment on yourself or others.

Protection is quite simple and if you have mastered grounding, you will again ground yourself at the end of a session and then add this element to it. Close your eyes and again stand outside of yourself. You are grounded still, but now you need to be protected.

Focus on your heart chakra located close to your heart. Imagine and focus on being surrounded by the same bright and intense light. The light plays off of the ground and creates a translucent cloud in the air around you. There is a force field that exists in layers around your body. You could feel more confident in the way that it blankets you.

If you felt a color, let this be your color of protection. The color surrounds you and you are in an intense state of comfort. There is nowhere else that you want to be. Spend about five minutes standing outside of yourself and watching yourself being protected.

You are now protected in heart and soul. Protection serves an extremely important purpose to the reiki practitioner. Protection ensures that the work you have just done is now sealed within you and will continue to do it’s own work for the next 48 hours. Congratulations, you are getting there. Take as much time as you need before moving on. Let’s move on to more Reiki Technique at Eco-centric Wellness.

Body scanning


A body scan is something you will complete during every healing session. Chakra balancing and meditation are the inner parts of the sandwich of sorts that you are creating with a total reiki treatment session. This is where much of the healing takes place.

You’ll want to spend as much time as needed in each area, typically I spend 5 to 7 minutes in each area of the chakra. Sometimes, only certain areas of the chakra require more time. Other times, you may be focusing on one specific area. My style takes the body scan process and depending on the needs of the client, I directly convert this to chakra balancing and meditation.

Before getting started, if you are not familiar with chakras, take some time to review the above chart. The colors of the chakras align with the location of that chakra within the body. See below for a brief explanation of what those chakras seek to balance.

Try concentrating on each of these areas as if they are a separate light source that you want to be fully rotating. So picture each chakra location as a spinning light. The entire universe is made up of energy. Balance your chakras in tune with natural energy cycles and you will restore balance to your body with reiki Technique at Eco-centric Wellness.

You don’t want to rush this process. Do this when you have the time to put effort into it. Moving right along then…

7 chakras

  • Root – located at the base of the spine – relates to survival and grounding
  • Sacral – below navel – relates to sexual and reproductive functions
  • Solar plexus – zone of personal power
  • Heart – connected to love and emotion
  • Throat – expresses creativity and communication
  • Third eye – is at the center of intuition and awareness
  • Crown – your personal spiritual connection to the universe

Let’s begin with the meditation

  • Ensure you are in your preferred location and surroundings, be free of any distractions
  • Sit comfortably with your spine straight
  • Block all existing thoughts except for those which focus on transformation and chakra locations
  • Immediately block any negative thoughts or doubts, refocus on your intent and connection
  • Let everything else go – you are only focused on your body from the inside out
  • Take 3 deep breaths, focus on your breaths, all the way in and all the way out
  • Breathe in detoxifying oxygen, breath out toxin and negativity
  • Spend time getting into a perfectly focused state

Once you are in a relaxed state

  • Close your eyes and rest into your body
  • Continue to relax and take deep breaths, be aware of each one
  • Realize your connection to the ground beneath you
  • Realize your connection to the sounds or peace and quiet around you
  • Release what your body needs in order to let go of stress
  • Let it go
  • Listen to the rise and fall of your breath
  • Forget everything and be in the moment

Begin clearing your chakras

  • Spend 5 to 7 minutes transitioning to each chakra location
  • Focus on your tail bone and imagine a bright red spinning light
  • Now focus a few inches below your navel on a warm orange spinning light
  • Now the yellow light is spinning a few inches above your belly button, give that focus and breathe with it
  • Next move up to your heart and focus on a bright green light spinning in sync with the rest you have activated thus far
  • Now your throat/collar bone area, focus on the bright blue spinning light
  • Move to the space between your eyebrows, this is your third eye, focus on the indigo light bright and spinning
  • Finally focus on the top of your head, the crown chakra is a violet spinning light that is connecting you to the universe

Concluding the meditation

Once you are here, spend about 5 minutes in the state of feeling the peace of all of the lights you have activated within yourself. Think about your connection to spirituality and the world around you. Pay close attention to how energized or fresh you are feeling. You did it!

Course conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed this version of my reiki course online, absolutely free for you to gain a deeper understanding of what the practice of reiki is all about. We first discovered what reiki is and what it’s benefits are and we learned about the history. We also moved step by step through an actual healing and the parts that make up an energy healing session. Giving thanks, setting intention, grounding, healing, meditation and protection. I hope you have enjoyed this intro and find it useful in all of your days to come! Peace and light be with you. Zenspace reiki. Connect with yourself. Balance your body and mind at Eco-centric Wellness.


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