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Welcome to reiki level 1 – You will learn in this course, how to use energy healing on yourself or others. You will discover how to functionally balance your mind and body. This is a spiritual practice that will help you grow mentally, physically and emotionally. So let’s begin by understanding that reiki is a kind and peaceful practice that can only be used for the common good. It can never be used for the purpose of bad intentions. There is a lot to know, so let’s begin.

Reiki is with you every day. You can walk throughout your life with the benefit of knowing that what you learn here is something you can always have by your side. Reiki will help guide you. I am too blessed to be able to share this with you and you in turn shall be blessed to receive it. In this course you will also learn the history of reiki and understand the principles. You will also learn about chakras and meditation and how to conduct a proper reiki session. Let’s continue by learning more about what reiki is.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a positive and balancing use of energy. The word reiki means universal light healing so reiki is a connection to the existence of universal life force energy. Rei- essentially means universe and Ki-means the sum of all energy that living things produce. So, this is a system or format of meditation and energy channeling that you can use on anyone or anything in the world around you. You can receive and give reiki energy, and you can give it to plants, animals or anything else exposed to the vibrations of the universe. All living beings are exposed to the universal energy field that you draw from. It is both relaxing and energizing, intelligent and perceptive. Your body, mind and sprit will be accentuated.

The beauty of reiki is that this can be practiced anytime and anywhere for any number of purposes. You will learn to feel in control and at peace again. You will sense a sort of feeling of completion with the world around you. It takes discipline to learn reiki in this way, but if you can commit yourself to learning, you can learn energy healing in very little time.

May you be blessed with the healing powers of Reiki. All you need to do is believe in yourself. Find peace in your life. Join me as we embark on this journey of energy healing explained. Reiki at Eco-Centric wellness. A place to connect with your best you. Zenspace Reiki – Balance your mind and body.

:::::Takes a Deep Breath:::::

Before we continue, let’s address the elephant in the room. You might be wondering why I am offering you Reiki instruction on my site for free. The answer to that is, because I can and I want to. There is a benefit in this for everyone who is looking for wellness and a bit of inspiration in their lives.

The practice of Reiki has changed my life. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and it worked. I learned to open my mind and erase doubt. Inspiration, passion, the ability to feel at peace and stop blaming myself, all mine thanks to reiki.

I will guide you through Reiki level 1 first, without an attunement, here on my site. In the future I will offer you an audio course that will audibly guide you through all of the lessons… and I hope you find it of great value in all future to come. The course will mostly be what you will learn here, but you will be able to hear this and listen to it whenever you want. You will gain the fundamental aspects of reiki by learning from this free version. A reiki practitioner is always learning.

You may also wonder whether or not you can learn this online. Maybe you have done some research and find that many people are very opinionated and dismiss the idea. I am here to tell you that you CAN! If you have ever taken an online course you know it’s a matter of self discipline. It’s up to you whether or not you absorb the material and learn from it. Let me assure you, you have nothing to lose and tremendous strength to gain. Now let’s move on.

Healing modality

Reiki is a holistic and spiritual healing modality that can help you to achieve total wellness in a targeted area or areas. The reiki you are learning is based on traditional Usui reiki, and is blended with Quantum reiki theories and practice. Best of all, this is a technique that easily works if you try to live it and commit to it. The energy you will learn will help you if you are experiencing mental, emotional or physical pain. That is not all. It can help you find inspiration and a place of peace. The kind of peace that you make bright energy in a room with. When energy is not flowing as it should through your body, you are experiencing a blockage somewhere within your chakras.

Reiki can help allow these energies to flow and move freely through you, unblocking the problematic zones. This is why then, that learning how to control and use light energy will help you heal and afford you benefits including for example, less stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in physical pain and symptoms. Learning how to reduce these symptoms will result in a happier life and healthier you.

This is a means of addressing emotions and finding balance in your life. This is a boost for your physical and mental state. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be receptive and genuine. If you are ready, please continue.

State of mind

You may find that during this process you will receive an unexpected gift. Sometimes a vision may come to you or feelings may surface that you didn’t know you needed to address. You could receive a gift of inspiration that launches you into a new chapter in your life, you may find that a new door opens.

First and foremost you must believe. It’s ok to take your time here and find a place within yourself where you are ready to give your full effort and put your mind in the drivers seat. Balance your mind and body with Zenspace Reiki.

Channeling energy

When you are using this energy you must remember that you are channeling the sum of the energy that all living things produce. The energy will flow through you to the person that you are focused on healing. You can feel this in your hands and feel it moving throughout your body. It supports beauty and strength and flows in a way to capture the essence of transformation. You must be prepared to open your mind and remove all doubt and negative thoughts along the way in order to manifest the full and true power that it has. This is a powerful energy that you are handling and it requires a clear mind that is free of judgement.


I must also stress that this is not a religion. Anyone can learn to use their spirituality to help themselves or others. This is a spiritual practice that everyone can use and benefit from. Acceptance and exploration of a new type of spirituality is the only thing that you need to be open to.

You will learn how to call the energy at your own whim, and how to use it most effectively. This can help you move through depression, illness, tragedy in a much more healthy way. You will learn to believe in yourself and will be at an optimum level of personal wellness. You will walk with a weapon of peace and well being.

reiki chakra


Reiki is an artistic means of cleansing your body and channeling positive energies through it. It is a means of resetting your balance and jumpstarting a healing to illness and blockages. The energy is all inclusive, it can be used to target any area that is in need of improvement.

The energy will provide results in a holistic type of way and it can be a great addition to therapy and other types of treatments. You will find balance in your mind and body. When you struggle to find this balance, come back to your practice and reset your intentions for life.


With reiki you will learn to see things in a new perspective , you will approach life with new goals and focus and what you get out of it really depends on you. Your reason for treatment can be the focus of the energy that you are receiving. The results can be life changing no matter what the reason.

If you are experiencing stress, illness or injury or if you need to let go of something in the past, this may be of help to you. If you need a new direction – you can learn to give yourself a new pathway. The beauty of it is that you can take this knowledge and forge your own special means of releasing the energy in an effective way that works for you. What do you have to lose?

Healing power

With reiki you will live more freely, in peace and harmony. You will achieve balance and higher strength. There are no limitations regarding age or reason. The beauty of reiki is that it knows no limitations and there is nothing that can’t be affected or touched by the natural healing powers of universal light energy. Experience the power or universal energy for yourself because the results can be life changing.

Distance reiki is part of the level 2 reiki attunement. You must understand and believe that there is no distance between time and space. This is an innately intelligent powerful source of healing. You will experience all of this as you continue to learn. Distance treatment is a very common method of healing. For this you need to have a well tuned connection.

Once you connect to the healing power of reiki, you will understand the true power that you have been given. You will realize you are capable of everything and visualize that every day is something to be thankful for, no matter what life throws your way. You will balance your mind and body.


In this lecture you will learn more about the history of reiki. In the late 1800’s a Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui relized a new spiritual practice. There are actually three important people to know, who helped construct the process, Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and madam Hawayo Takata. Let’s begin with Dr. Usui.

Dr. Usui studied spirituality and religion from many cultures and also studied psychology and medicine. In 1922, when his life was met with many challenges personally and financially, he started to pursue his spirituality further. For this, he visited a familiar mountain in Japan, Mt Kurama, and meditated for 21 days. During this time he realized the system of reiki and founded this means of providing healing to others. He had been to this mountain many times, but this time he was gifted with the power of reiki and the realization of it’s existence.

Upon his return from the mountain, Usui began teaching students what he had realized and created a school to teach students in the area. He focused on hand positions, meditation, attunement and provided his students with the gift to use it on others. His life became dedicated to the practice. By the time Usui died of a stroke in 1926, he had already taught 21 students the art of reiki and had trained them all to become reiki masters.

Dr Hyashi his friend took over Usui’s practice following his death. Hayashi was a retired military surgeon. His work in life includes creating the hand positions used and creating the first clinic for the practice, as well as creating the symbols for the attunement process. Unfortunately Hayashi’s life would meet difficult circumstances as well. Hayashi was called to war during WWII, and he took his own life instead of going back into battle.

Madam Takata was born in 1900. She is one of Hayashi’s original students. She took over as teacher and practitioner after Hayashi and Usui’s death. At one point she decided to go and live with family, so she left Japan and moved to Hawaii.

Madam Takatas’ family worked on a plantation in Hawaii. They migrated from Japan to live there and work on a farm. She stayed there with her two kids. Some years later her husband had a heart attack In 1930 and she was left alone to provide everything for the family. This is where stress takes hold.

Takata went back to Japan in 1935. There she was addressing her health issues that continued to grow with time. Her health issues mounted and she was encouraged to undergo surgery. At this moment, she heard a voice that told her there was another way. This was when she walked away from the hospital and depended on Reiki for health, seeking care at Hayashis’ reiki clinic. It helped her restart a healthy life.

She returned to Hawaii with the intention of spreading the reiki word around the world. Takata then proceeded to train 22 more reiki masters before she died in 1980. This is how reiki came to the west. We must always remember in meditation to give thanks to Mr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi and madam Takata.

Reiki principles – Just for today I will :

  • Let go of anger. – It is a destructive emotional property which you must be in control of. Anger indicates that there is something that needs to be healed from within and additionally symbolizes a loss of love in any given situation.
  • Let go of worry. – This represents a lack of faith and is an unhealthy feeling that will not allow you to open up and be alive in your healthiest state. You must eliminate this feeling. The earth’s vibrations will pick up worry if you let it linger so you must learn to let it go.
  • Do my work honestly. – Use this with conviction. Learn to speak, live and express love and positivity by living each day honestly. Never feel guilty about being honest.
  • Count my many blessings. – Learn to find the positive in every day while giving thanks for everything that you have. From sunrise to sunset, everything in between is a blessing. The food you eat, the air you breathe, this is all a blessing.
  • Love and respect all living beings. – Right down to the tiniest of insect, open your heart and be loving and respectful towards everything in your environment. Live amongst everyone and everything while sharing the highest qualities of love and respect.
  • Every day tell yourself you will do all of these things and begin and end each day while working to master one or more of these principles.

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