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How does hemp compare to cotton? – Peace Revival

We are all familiar with cotton in our every day lives. So how does hemp compare to cotton? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the two types of fibers that can both be used in clothing. Here is a comparison of cotton and hemp as they relate to each other.


  • Cotton is a well established part of our every day lives.
  • In fabric for clothing, cotton is known to be moisture and odor wicking.
  • It is known to be soft from the onset and have a bit of stretch to it.
  • It will shrink a bit on the first wash.
  • Cotton is also known to be inexpensive.
  • Over time, the colors within cotton will fade and the fabric will begin to break down. Time to replace your favorite shirt, inexpensively!
  • Pesticides are used to keep pesky critters at bay. This means you may be harboring pesticides in your clothing and exposing it to your skin! This makes cotton a less eco-friendly option than it’s competition.
  • Regarding it’s production, cotton requires roughly double the amount of water to produce about one third of the fiber per acre.
  • About 1400 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 lb. of cotton.


  • Hemp is a relative newcomer in the industry.
  • In clothing, hemp is more moisture wicking although it is not odor wicking.
  • The fabric has a natural fragrance to it.
  • It is not as soft or stretchy from the onset but will become softer with time.
  • It will shrink a little bit when it is first washed .
  • Color is known to hold stronger in clothing made from hemp fiber. This makes hemp a more fade resistant fabric.
  • It is more expensive and has more longevity in it’s wear. This is a good trade off considering the higher cost.
  • Hemp has no known native pests. This is great because it does not require pesticides to be added during it’s growth. You will not have pesticides residing in your clothing and next to your skin! This makes hemp a more eco-friendly option in comparison.
  • One more win for hemp, it takes about half the water to produce 3 times the fiber per acre! This is another big win for the eco-friendly aspects of hemp. It takes less space, to produce more fiber!

In summary, hemp does compare to cotton quite well! There are some advantages to either type of fiber, but for me the clear winner is hemp! It may cost more but it is more durable and colorfast. It is also better for the environment and you if consider no pesticides are used in it’s production! We can also support American made products and an industry that needs us to grow!

Much love to howstuffcompares.com for some good insight on hemp and cotton!


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