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CBD and Chakra balancing meditation

CBD and chakra balancing meditation go hand in hand with each other as a unique and strong addition to your holistic wellness routine. CBD is known to reduce stress and heighten awareness. When paired with meditation, CBD can help maximize results. I find chakra meditation to be most effective using this combination.

This is the same type of meditation that I use on a regular basis when working with reiki energies and healing. I highly suggest working this into your wellness routine. Find some time and space and join me by trying CBD and chakra balancing meditation.

Here’s how

Start by having a dose of CBD and give it just a little while to work itself into your system. You may start feeling more relaxed and have an increased sense of focus. Once you have given yourself adequate time, find a quiet place or a familiar location where you can hear the sounds of nature. Feel free to surround yourself with items that make you feel connected like crystals, water, art, anything that will assist you in your connection. If you prefer total quiet, that is perfectly fine. If you want some stimulation, try some meditational music playing softly in the background, and light a couple of candles to help you get comfortable.

Chakra locations within the body

Understand your chakras

Before getting started, if you are not familiar with chakras, take some time to review the above chart. The colors of the chakras align with the location of that chakra within the body. See below for a brief explanation of what those chakras seek to balance.

When you meditate with chakras you want to be sure to concentrate on each of the seven areas separately during the meditation. This is how you clear your chakras. Each chakra must be cleared fully to experience best results. Try concentrating on each of these areas as if they are a separate light source that you want to be fully rotating. So picture each chakra location as a spinning light. The entire universe is made up of energy. Balance your chakras in tune with natural energy cycles and you will restore balance to your body.

You don’t want to rush this process. Do this when you have the time to put effort into it. Moving right along then…

7 chakras

  • Root – located at the base of the spine – relates to survival and grounding
  • Sacral – below navel – relates to sexual and reproductive functions
  • Solar plexus – zone of personal power
  • Heart – connected to love and emotion
  • Throat – expresses creativity and communication
  • Third eye – is at the center of intuition and awareness
  • Crown – your personal spiritual connection to the universe

Let’s begin with the meditation

  • Ensure you are in your preferred location and surroundings, be free of any distractions
  • Sit comfortably with your spine straight
  • Block all existing thoughts except for those which focus on transformation and chakra locations
  • Immediately block any negative thoughts or doubts, refocus on your intent and connection
  • Let everything else go – you are only focused on your body from the inside out
  • Take 3 deep breaths, focus on your breaths, all the way in and all the way out
  • Breathe in detoxifying oxygen, breath out toxin and negativity
  • Spend time getting into a perfectly focused state

You are in a very relaxed state as of now

  • Close your eyes and rest into your body
  • Continue to relax and take deep breaths, be aware of each one
  • Realize your connection to the ground beneath you
  • Realize your connection to the sounds or peace and quiet around you
  • Release what your body needs in order to let go of stress
  • Let it go
  • Listen to the rise and fall of your breath
  • Forget everything and be in the moment

Begin clearing your chakras

  • Spend 5 to 7 minutes transitioning to each chakra location
  • Focus on your tail bone and imagine a bright red spinning light
  • Now focus a few inches below your navel on a warm orange spinning light
  • Now the yellow light is spinning a few inches above your belly button, give that focus and breathe with it
  • Next move up to your heart and focus on a bright green light spinning in sync with the rest you have activated thus far
  • Now your throat/collar bone area, focus on the bright blue spinning light
  • Move to the space between your eyebrows, this is your third eye, focus on the indigo light bright and spinning
  • Finally focus on the top of your head, the crown chakra is a violet spinning light that is connecting you to the universe


Once you are here, spend about 5 minutes in the state of feeling the peace of all of the lights you have activated within yourself. Think about your connection to spirituality and the world around you. Pay close attention to how energized or fresh you are feeling. You did it! Chakra balancing meditation is powerful, and adding CBD to chakra balancing meditation can help you reach a full state of wellness. Enjoy!


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