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Antioxidant potential of CBD


In this post we will explore the antioxidant potential of CBD. By now you have heard of it and know that there are promising benefits to it’s use. Here I will break down one of the specific properties that makes CBD so important for our daily use. I hope you are as excited as I am to get down to some of the more specific details of CBD. Join me as we explore the antioxidant potential of this wonderous plant.


Antioxidants control the free radicals in our body that are capable of causing harm and major illness to us. Everyone has free radicals within their body, however when found in large amounts, illnesses such as cancer or heart disease may occur. The ability of CBD to be an asset in defense of harmful free radicals gives it a pretty impressive certificate of capability. We must have a good balance of these free radicals within our body to be in our most healthy state. So CBD is a plus. One scientific research model points out that “CBD, like other antioxidants, interrupts free radical chain reactions, capturing free radicals or transforming them into less active forms.” Let’s find out why this is beneficial.

Why is this beneficial?

  • Reversing cell damage – Skin health improved
  • Mitigation of signs of aging
  • Improvements in our ability to fight illnesses
  • Better outcomes in preventing and controlling diseases

These are some good examples of why it is important to consume food items that are high in antioxidant properties. It is understandable why skin products containing CDB are booming in the market at this time and consumable products and topicals containing CBD are flying off shelves, with this being one of the benefits in mind. If you didn’t already know the antioxidant potential of CBD, I hope this gives valuable insight into why there is such a rage over this product of the hemp plant. Stay safe and until next time, live well!


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