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What is Delta 8? A Cannabinoid overview-

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By now you have already heard of Delta 8, but what is all the buzz about? No pun intended! What is this taking the Hemp world by storm? So, what is Delta 8 exactly? Let’s look at this cannabinoid overview and get some faq.

Think of it like this, Marijuana contains Delta 9. Delta 9 is found naturally within the plant, and it is what gives you the high that you get when it is ingested. Now consider Delta 8. This is one of the psychoactive Cannabinoids found in Hemp. Scientists are isolating and refining this Cannabinoid and the result is a delicious combination of pain relief and relaxation!

The effects from it are gentler than that of Cannabis, in my experience. In fact, there is a similarity to that of an Indica strain. It does provide a body relaxational feeling so that makes sense! It is also quite effective at producing focus and reducing paranoia and anxiety that is sometimes described by Delta 9 users. Buy and try a Delta 8 product, and take note of what the strength milligrams is in total if you are not purchasing the flower, and start yourself out slow and steady. You will be able to figure out quickly what dosage works for you!

In summary, This is a natural part of the hemp plant that has been refined and processed to bring you a relaxing and connective experience. It is the spotlight of a naturally occurring Cannabinoid, the Delta 9 of the Hemp world! It is a bit less psychoactive than Marijuana but deserves to be recognized for its heavenly properties.

Citations- Thanks to the Discovery magazine for providing a wonderful explanation of Delta 8, 9 and 10!


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