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To know oneself, one should assert oneself – Albert Camus

What do I live for? I eventually learned that to make a difference I had to step outside, into creation, and refocus on the roots of my passion. – J. Drew Lanham


Alternative medicine and Spirituality

Take small steps towards improving your holistic health. While not focusing on the issue itself, let’s make some body and mind improvements and watch the symptoms melt away.

Also key is committing yourself to it, and combining this with improved diet and fitness. I promise it’s not torture and I will show you how to approach the diet and fitness aspect on ecocentricfitness.com

Eco-Centric Wellness

Holistic Health from an alternative medicine and spiritual aspect. This is and exploration of Hemp and spirituality.

Wow! I’m back after almost two months! All I can say is I’m human. I’ve been very sick and I’m at least feeling better enough now to sit comfortably for a little bit extra, to give new life to my passion. This is how it’s going to be with my sites. I have something that knocks me totally out of life while it’s flaring up. I have to manage to at least work while it’s going on. It’s good to be back!

Fibromyalgia will never leave me, but I have tried everything naturally to control it, and at times, this can really help for a period of time.

I wish us harmony. I wish us grace, and happiness.

meditation is a light

When you are reading you might find the occasional link to Boston Hempire or CBD Pure . Those are affiliate links. All that means is that I receive a commission on sales for purchases made through that link. – Affiliate Disclosure


I want you to know that your comments give me motivation!

About Me

Bits and pieces build an empire. 😉

I am a Reiki Master and life coach, military veteran, and I strive for overall wellness within myself. We’ve got this! Peace. 🙂

I have fought symptoms of Fibromyalgia for more than half of life. I’ve been living with something that takes me down for days at a time quite often. I spent at least a thousand hours in denial, and a thousand more searching illnesses and at times feeling like I had everything that popped up on the computer in front of me. I came to a place of acceptance. The stress and distress that comes with that was unbearable at times.

eco-centric wellness

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Eco-Centric Wellness


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